The Poofus

Hello……..Bleeps? If you were following my Twitter you would be Tweeps….. Bleeps just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? It’ll have to do for now, but realistically, the two of you that are reading this won’t mind. *waves to the lovely ladies who are reading (or at least said they would read this blog)*

I realised today (thanks to the lovely Lady J who asked me “where are your words, thoughts, inspiring comments….” ) that I haven’t really “blogged” yet, just posted some of my recipes, so….. *takes deep breath* here goes today’s ramblings…………..

I live with my darling boyfriend (DB) and my dog – the Poofus. He was nicknamed the Poofus by the DB’s georgeous kids (B1 & B2 who live with us every second week). The name came from a combination of Poo Tube and Doofus. Poo Tube was due to a few incidents behind the couch when he was a puppy and Doofus…… well he was half price because he had an over-shot jaw, but I suspect it was really because he just isn’t very bright! You can see from the picture that he has wound himself around a pole……again. Lucky he’s cute is all I can say!

So, I’m about to sign off as the fire is lit, the load of washing is finished, the cheese and bacon scones are ready to come out of the oven and Masterchef is about to start. So before I sit down with a scone and a beer to watch Masterchef, I’ll leave you with today’s piece of wisdom.

Never trust a skinny cook!

Words…….check. Thoughts…….check. Inspiring Comments…….. two out of three aint too bad for a first go 😉 Ciao Bleeps, Masterchef’s starting.

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