The Birthday Festival is over…..

September is Birthday Festival month…… or at least it seems that way sometimes. B1’s birthday is usually a two week affair comprising of a birthday shopping spree the weekend before, presents and dinner on the day and then all the preparation for “the party” the weekend after.

The party comprises of a few close friends having a sleepover and the DB’s home-made pizza, gummy bears, jaffas and jelly shots (just jelly, no alcohol). Followed by a midnight walk through the bush in the dark and scary movies all night. The term sleepover isn’t quite correct as they usually don’t get much sleep.

The Rainbow cake didn’t turn out too bad and B1 had fun drawing on it with the food grade textas I gave her for her birthday. The isomalt “gems” gave it a bit of bling and we were eating cake for the rest of the week.

For those of you who missed the earlier post see the Rainbow Cake Post for all the info. on how to make your own.

Don’t look too closely as the icing job is very dodgey. I have decided that decorating cakes is not my thing, or if it is, I need to go on a course. All in all, it was fun and I know B1 liked the rainbow cake. now….. how do I do better than rainbow cake next year…… Currently trialling Once Upon a Pedestal’s polka dot cake……. 😉


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